DRDO Exhibition on Science for Soldier & Society, on 29 Jul 2017

DCE students from all disciplines participated in a science exhibition conducted by DRDO on the theme of ‘Science for Soldier and Society, on 29th July 2017, at the Combat Vehicle Research and Development Establishment, Avadi.

The exhibition displayed the models of defence products (Missiles, Aeronautical, Naval, Life Sciences, Armaments, Combat Engineering) developed by DRDO Establishments at CVRDE a live demonstration of the Arjun MBT Mk-II tanks was also witnessed at OCF-KV grounds, Avadi.

CVRDE emphasized that this exhibition would pave the way for sowing a scientific temper in young minds for empowering India while remembering the contributions made by Dr. Abdul Kalam, the Missile Man of India.

The Students’ response towards this exhibition was overwhelming in that they expressed their gratitude to the Management and the Principal for the encouragement and support rendered for attending this exhibition.