Running for Greening Chennai, on 17 Dec 2017

When one runs for a charitable cause, it brings together the most admirable sentiments and social objectives. Dhanalakshmi College of Engineering sent 20 Rotaract members (students) to Old Mahabalipuram Road (OMR) to take part in the ‘Greener Chennai’ marathon organized by reputed companies. In this marathon which was divided into 3km, 5km and 12 km stretches, the main objective was to raise the level of environmental awareness among the residents of this great city.

As the Marathon title indicated (Regreen OMR Marathon), Chennai had to bring back the times when the city was its cleanest and greenest. This event proved to be a platform for fitness enthusiasts as well as environmentalists.

The Management , Principal and Prof. K. Senthamil Selvan from the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering at DCE, motivated the students to take part in this charitable event. He ensured their effective participation and established a link between DCE and future green initiatives of a similar kind.