Teachers' Day Celebrations, on 05 Sep 2017

A teacher is a luminary in the darkest of places. When teachers are honoured, the children, students, wise people and finally, the world rejoice. The EEE auditorium at DCE was the venue for the teachers’ day celebrations on 5th September 2017. Mrs. Sangeetha, the chief guest for the event praised the role of teachers and expounded on the various nuances of this noble profession. She stressed on the significance of enjoyment in classrooms which in turn, would make the learning process faster and more effective.

Teaching isn’t just about tests or assessments, it’s much more than that, she added. Gone are the days when the classroom was thought to be a silent place for silent assemblies, she noted. The classroom should be lively and 100%-student oriented as well as interest-oriented. Activities which require a practical bent of mind should be conducted in every classroom. Technology also must be integrated into the teaching process, without which the contemporariness would be lost, according to Mrs. Sangeetha.

The entire programme was packed with information and full of valuable insights gleaned from decades of experience. This pride event was organized by the Rotaract club co-ordinator Dr.K. Senthamil Selvan and his members. The programme began at 3 pm and concluded at 5 pm with the singing of the national anthem.