Guest lecture on “Internet of Things”, organised by Dept of CSE, on 19 Jul 2019

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering conducted a Guest lecture on “Internet of Things” for the II year students of CSE on 19.07.19. The Guest speakers were Mr.E.Arun Kumar, Retech Solution., Tambaram, and Chennai.

The program was inaugurated by The Head of the Department Dr. K. Nattar Kannan M.E, Ph.D and the Presidential address was given by our principal Dr. S. Suyambazhahan. M.E, Ph.D (IITM). First, he congratulated the CSE department for conducting this event and also he explained the students about the importance of guest lecture in gaining knowledge and enriching themselves for placement. Then the session was handed over to the guest speakers.

Mr.E.Arun Kumar explained the concepts of Internet Of Things and he addressed the basics of IoT, how their applications have grown over the years and where they are used like in mobile phones, computer, automatic machines etc..

He explained in detail about microcontrollers i.e., the basic microcontroller 8051which was a 8 bit microcontroller. He talked about it’s very few advantages and it’s five disadvantages like UART, timer ,large number of sets, ADC and memory capacity. Then he continued how those disadvantages were overcome by many other microcontrollers, from PIC controller to the most frequent used microcontrollers like raspberry pi series and the arm series. Then he also told us about the various arm series like series 11 and how they are used in apple smart phones. The advantages and the applications of these microcontrollers were explained.

Lastly he finished with a question section in which few of the students clarified their doubts. The II year CSE students have “Digital Principles and System Design” as one of their subjects and the lecture was of great use for the students to understand the concepts of Microcontroller.