Guest Lecture - Internet of Things (IoT), organized by Dept of ECE, on 24 Jul 2019

Department of ECE has organized a Guest Lecture on the topic “Internet of Things (IoT)” by RETECH Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Chennai on 24.07.2019 by 10.30 AM in Seminar Hall for II year ECE students. First, Dr. K.Senthamilselvan, Professor and Head, gave welcome address to the gathering. He gave the introduction and importance of IoT nowadays in the upcoming technological world. Dr. S. Suyambazhahan, Principal gave special address on this occasion. Mr. Arun Kumar, Vice-President of RETECH Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Chennai, delivered lecture on Internet of Things (IoT). His presentation started off with fundamentals of Electrical and Electronics. Further he gave brief introduction about the embedded system over the latest advancements in Microcontrollers. Then he discussed about, basics of IOT, importance of IOT, trends and characteristics, future development in IOT and enabling technologies for IOT. He also explained many real time examples related to IOT. The presentation of the lecture was excellent and the session was very interesting and informative to the students. The lecture was very useful for students to know about the current leading trends in IT industries. The session had an interactive QA session wherein the students questioned him on several issues ranging from the basics, technology aspects of IoT and applications. Finally, Dr.A.Niranjil Kumar, Professor, gave vote of thanks to the gathering.