Dept of Mechanical Engineering - Industrial Visit to Johoku Manufacturers, on 28 Aug 2019

On 28/08/2019 the students of II Year Mechanical Engineering along with Mr S Iyappan, Asst. Prof. and Mr Murugan, Lab. Inst., went to Johoku Manufacturers Pvt. ltd. as a part of their co-curriculum. The team was welcomed by HR team, and then were instructed to gather in presentation room. In presentation room the team was welcomed by Managing Director and General Manager.

After that the agenda of the day was explained by them. Followed by the safety engineer took an extraordinary presentation about the industrial safety. The presentation gave the idea of the importance of safety. Then the team was guided by the plant engineer to the shop floor, at there we came across different technologies that were used by Japanese. There they were using their own kind of machines from CNC to assembling.

At first they explained about their customers and the raw materials storage unit, how they are inspected, to get into the shop floor for machining. For machining they did facing and broaching operation to manufacture the hub of the engine of a Yamaha two wheeler.

They have a paint shop were several Yamaha bike parts are painted. Then they explained each and every method that they were following there to make good and look astonishing. After that we came to the assembling point were the wheel base are assembled. There are two sets of line for Yamaha and Royal Enfield. After finishing the assembly we reached the despatch section, where the team came across pre despatch inspection and then how parts are loaded into the truck.

At the end, the team was guided to the presentation room, and served with high tea. There was a final interaction session with Managing Director and General Manager. The team thanked everyone who explained about the various processes happening in the industry. The team specially thanked Mr Rajesh, HR, Johoku Manufacturers Pvt. Ltd.