Industrial Visit to ISRO, on 05 Aug 2019

On 05/08/2019, 82 students of III Year Computer Science and Engineering along with four faculty members Mr. Y. Sharmasth vali, Asst. Prof., Mr. S. J. Vivekanandan, Asst. Prof., Ms. P. Prema, Asst. Prof., and Ms. S Vanitha, Asst. Prof., went to Satish Dhawan Space Centre, ISRO, Sriharikota as a part of their co-curriculum. Experts from ISRO gave a brief introduction about ISRO and various activities carried out in the earlier days and they also played a movie on satellite launch.

Places Visited : The team visited the Satellite Launch Pad, the Mission Control Centre and the Space museum.

When we visited the Second Launch pad at Sriharikota, they explained each and every part of the launch pad to our students.

The Mission control centre is the next place visited by the students. MCC, sometimes called a flight control centre or operations centre is a facility that manages space flights, usually from the point of launch until landing or the end of the mission. It is part of the ground segment of spacecraft operations. A staff of flight controllers and other support personnel monitor all aspects of the mission using telemetry, and send commands to the vehicle using ground stations. Personnel supporting the mission from an MCC can include representatives of the attitude control system, power, propulsion, thermal, attitude dynamics, orbital operations and other subsystem disciplines. The training for these missions usually falls under the responsibility of the flight controllers, typically including extensive rehearsals in the MCC.