Advanced Embedded Computing and Chip Design Centre (AECCDC)

Dhanalakshmi College of Engineering (DCE) and Femto Logic Design Pvt. Ltd have come together to re-innovate the idea of Industry-Academia collaboration. In this joint venture both the academic institution and the industrial concern are expertise in their field. To facilitate the benefits for each and every individual involving in this joint venture, the collaboration is made at various levels such as research, continuing education and producer-consumer relation. The research collaboration will be useful to the academic student to gain knowledge in recent trends in technology, whereas, the continuing education collaboration will assist the working profession to pursue their master/doctorate degree.

Advanced Embedded Computing and Chip Design Centre (AECCDC)
The joint venture AECCD will have the tech-rich facility to enable the candidate to pursue the recent knowledge trend in the field of advance embedded computing and chip design flow. The state-of-the-art technological labs in AECCD are,

  • ARM Embedded Design and Testing Lab
  • Xilinx Embedded Design and Testing Lab
  • Altera Embedded Design and Testing Lab
  • Microsemi Embedded Design and Testing Lab
  • Texas Instrument Embedded Design and Testing Lab
  • Cadence Chip Design Lab
  • Synopsys Chip Design Lab

AECCD expertise you in …!
S. No Adv. Embedded System Design & Testing FPGA Design & Testing  Chip Design & Testing
1Embedded Programming FPGA ProgrammingRTL Programming
2Scripting ScriptingVerification Methodology OVM and UVM)
3Real Time Hardware SoC & SoM DesignTCL/TK, PERL
4Interface Industrial Standard Hardware InterfaceSoC Integration
5Testing and Debugging Layout Design and TestingSchematic and Layout
6Recent trends in Driver development Recent trends in Driver Interface and developmentVLSI Testing
AECCD makes you contemporary in...!
  • Defense/Wireless Communication
  • 5G Wireless / Security
  • Machine Learning
  • Audio/Video Vision
  • Software Define Radio (SDN)
  • IoT
  • External Memory
  • ADAS
  • Cloud Computing
  • Transceiver
  • Broadcast/Industrial
  • Medical/Wired Communication
  • Aerospace/Datacenter

Program Benefits:
  • Industrial training will be provided through on-campus AECCD Centre as well as in Femto Logic Design premises each year.
  • The students will be engaged in, on-going industrial project, so that they have the vision of real time work flow.
  • Periodic evaluations will be made and stipend will be offered to candidate based on their performance.
  • Opportunity to work in contemporary EDA tool suite in the field of Embedded and VLSI design will be provided.
  • The path way to work in top-notch company in the field of Embedded System and VLSI will be provided.
  • Candidate with Industrial Experience
  • Candidate passed GATE exam
  • Lecturer/Professor
  • The candidate to enrich the expertise in embedded and chip design
Bachelor Degree in any one of the following stream,
  • Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE)
  • Instrumentation and Control Engineering (ICE)
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE)
  • Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering (EIE)
  • Candidate should not have any backlogs.
  • Candidate should provide Course Completion (CC) certificate.
  • Candidate should provide Provisional Certificate.
  • Experience Certificate (if applicable).

Course on hand:
The student undergoing this master program should complete 15 theoretical subjects and 2 practicals with 1 project that should be submitted in two phases. Out of 15 theoretical subjects, the student can choose 6 elective subjects based on their field of interest (Visit:

Application / Selection / Fees:
For application details, selection process and fees structure, please visit us at

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