Civil Engineering

The department of civil engineering is committed to the relentless pursuit of innovation in training budding engineers to compete globally in the field of civil engineering and to establish a unique identity for the development of high quality human and knowledge resource in diverse areas of technology and management.

The department of civil engineering strives to provide strong theoretical foundation complemented with extensive practical training, and to inculcate value-based, socially committed professionalism to the cause of overall development of student and society.

Courses Offered:
  • B.E - Civil Engineering
Civil Engineers are the backbone of a growing nation like ours. They play a key role in infrastructural development. Also, Civil Engineering is a field that never ever loses its sheen. It’s always a much sought-after discipline and Civil Engineers are constantly in demand across all parts of India.

The Department of Civil Engineering works really hard to train students on the basic concepts of Civil Engineering with hands-on practical training and industry internships. The Department aims to create outstanding Engineers who are ready to build strong careers for themselves in the real world.

Program Outcomes:
On completion of B.E. (Civil) degree, the graduates will be able
  • To pertain their intellectual capacity acquired in the field of Mathematics, Sciences and Engineering.
  • To identify and solve complex engineering problems and reach at substantial conclusions.
  • To scrutinize, conduct experiments, design, analyze and interpret data.
  • To envision and work on multidisciplinary tasks to find solutions to various problems paying attention to global considerations.
  • To function and harmonize modern engineering tools effectively in multidisciplinary errands.
  • To communicate effectively with fellow engineers and society at large.
  • To employ efficient language skills(LSRW) to design reports and documents to the complex global problems.
  • To become cognizant of the professional and ethical responsibilities.
  • To associate or lead a team and make unique contributions with coordination among the associate recruits.
  • To reveal buoyancy and develop ability for lifelong learning, bridging the skills of project management and finance.
  • To integrate economical and business practices relating to the constraints in the field of engineering.
  • To partake and thrive in competitive exams and other certification courses, for expertise in emerging technologies in engineering.

UG Faculty Members of B.E - Civil Engineering

S. No Name of the Faculty Member Qualification  Designation
1Dr. Rajprasad JM.Tech., Ph.DProfessor
2Mrs. Nandhini RM.E.Asso.Prof. & Head
3Dr Adaikalakumar PM.E., Ph.DAsso.Prof.
4Dr Chandramouly JM.E., Ph.DAsso. Prof
5Dr Ahamedibrahim MM.E., Ph.DAsso.Prof.
6Mr.Ponpandian. MM.Tech.Assistant Professor
7Mr. Raj Kumar T. N. M.E.Assistant Professor
8Ms.Janani. SM.E.Assistant Professor
9Ms.Deepiya. RM.E.Assistant Professor
10Ms.Shanmuga Priya. DM.E.Assistant Professor
11Ms. Arthi Priya. PM.E.Assistant Professor
12Ms. Lavanya. SM.E.Assistant Professor
13Mr. Saravanan. MM.E.Assistant Professor