Computer Science and Engineering

To strive for acquiring, applying and imparting knowledge in Computer Science and Engineering through quality education and to provide enthusiastic professionals with commitment.

  • To produce highly competent and globally employable engineers in the field of Computer Science and Engineering
  • To inculcate human values among the student community and make them realize their commitment to the society
  • To exhibit excellence in pursuit of research and innovative products with a zeal to serve the society
Courses Offered:
  • B.E - Computer Science and Engineering
  • M.E - Computer Science and Engineering   -  AIDBIC  -
Engineers with specialization in computing are in great demand in today’s IT-driven society. The department’s mission is to enhance the fundamentals of computer engineering and evolve our students into top-notch computer professionals. To this end, real-time projects and industry internships play a very important role in creating livewire computer engineers for the global workplace.

The stellar faculty members of the department constantly challenge the students to raise the bar, look beyond books and make bold ventures into the practical side of computer engineering.

Programme Educational Objectives
To impart students with fundamental knowledge in Mathematics, Science and fundamentals of engineering that will mould them to be successful professionals.

Core Competence:
To provide students with sound knowledge in engineering and experimental skills to identify complex software problems in industry and to develop practical solutions for them.

To provide relevant training and experience to bridge the gap between theory and practice which enables them to find solutions for real time problems in industry and organization, and to design products requiring interdisciplinary skills.

Professional Skills:
To bestow students with adequate training and provide opportunities to work as team that will build up their communication skills, individual leadership and supportive qualities, and to enable them to adapt and work in ever changing technologies.

Life Long Learning:
To develop the ability of students to establish themselves as professionals in Computer Science and Engineering and to create awareness about the need for lifelong learning and pursuing advanced degrees.

Program Outcomes
On completion of the B.E. (CSE) degree, the graduates will be able
  • To apply the basic knowledge of Mathematics, Science and engineering fundamentals in Computer Science and Engineering field.
  • To design and conduct experiments as well as to analyze and interpret data and apply the same in the career.
  • To design and develop innovative and creative software applications.
  • To understand a complex real world problem and develop an efficient practical solution.
  • To create, select and apply appropriate techniques, resources, modern engineering and IT tools
  • To understand their roles as a professionals and give the best to the society.
  • To develop a system that will meet expected needs within realistic constraints such as economical, environmental, social, political, ethical, safe and sustainable.
  • To communicate effectively and make others understand exactly what they are trying to convey in both verbal and written forms
  • To work in a team as team member or a leader and make unique contributions and work with coordination.
  • To engage in lifelong learning and exhibit their technical skills.
  • To develop and manage projects in multidisciplinary environments.
  • Computer Programming Laboratory
  • Internet Programming Laboratory
  • Object Oriented Programming Laboratory
  • Visual Programming Laboratory
  • Graphics and Multimedia Laboratory
  • Compiler Laboratory
  • Networking Laboratory
  • Data Structure Laboratory
  • System Software Laboratory
  • Operating Systems Laboratory
  • DBMS Laboratory
  • Case Tools Laboratory

UG Faculty Members of B.E - Computer Science and Engineering

S. No Name of the Faculty Member Qualification  Designation
1Dr. Ravi C NM.Tech, Ph.D.Professor
2Dr. Nedunchelian TM.E., Ph.D.Professor
3Mr. Ramakrishnan RM.Tech, (Ph.D.)Asso.Prof.
4Mr. Murugesan MM.E.Asso.Prof.
5Mr. Arul UM.E., (Ph.D.)Asso.Prof.
6Dr. Sreenivasulu MandaM.E., Ph.D.Asso.Prof.
7Dr. Venkata RamanaM.Tech, Ph.D.Asso.Prof.
8Ms. Seetha JM.E., (Ph.D.)Assistant Professor
9Mr. Pandi Kumar KM.E., (Ph.D.)Assistant Professor
10Ms. Prema PM.E.Assistant Professor
11Ms. VeenaM.E., (Ph.D.)Assistant Professor
12Ms. Geetha PM.E., (Ph.D.)Assistant Professor
13Ms. Sarasu RM.Tech, (Ph.D.)Assistant Professor
14Ms. Subhashini AM.E.Assistant Professor
15Mr. Ramesh kumar MM.E.Assistant Professor
16Ms. Monisha TRPM.E.Assistant Professor
17Mr. Nagaraj DM.E.Assistant Professor
18Mr. Vivekanandan S JM.Tech., (Ph.D.)Assistant Professor
19Ms. DeepikaM.TechAssistant Professor
20Ms. Lakshmidhevi BM.E.Assistant Professor
21Ms. Muthumari LM.E.Assistant Professor
22Mr Gopinath VM.E.Assistant Professor

PG Faculty Members of M.E - Computer Science and Engineering

S. No Name of the Faculty Member Qualification  Designation
1Dr. Prabhakaran PM.E., Ph.D.Professor
2Dr. Nattar Kannan KM.E., Ph.D.Asso.Prof. & Head
3Mr. Sharmasth Vali YM.E., (Ph.D.)Assistant Professor