Mechanical Engineering

To render services to the global needs of engineering industries by educating students to become professionally sound mechanical engineers of high caliber.

  • To produce mechanical engineering technocrats with a perfect knowledge of intellectual and hands-on experience and to inculcate the spirit of moral values and ethics to serve the society
Courses Offered:
  • B.E - Mechanical Engineering
  • M.E - CAD / CAM
From building bridges to building aircrafts, Mechanical engineers do it all. This field is indeed all-encompassing. The principles in Mechanical Engineering like Kinematics, Thermodynamics and Energy are used in so many arenas right from Industrial Manufacturing to Information Technology. So, the demand for Mechanical Engineers is always sky-rocketing.

At DCE, we ensure that our Mechanical Engineering students get a strong foothold in the basics while forging ahead into more complex areas of mechanics. Our laboratory is well-stocked and students get a real-time grasp of theoretical concepts with livewire projects. Our Mechanical Engineers are lapped up by top companies during campus recruitments each year.

Research Fund:
Title of the programme Drafting and Modeling using CREO
Category of the programmePopularisation of Science
Fund received fromTamil Nadu State Council for Science and Technology
Fund received Rs. 25000/- (Rupees twenty five thousand only)
Programme coordinators Dr Pradeep Kumar A R - Professor &Head/Mechanical,
Prof. Harikrishnan G - Assistant Professor/Mech
SAE - India Collegiate Club:

The Department of Mechanical Engineering proudly
announces its establishment of
“SAE – India Collegiate Club”
from the academic year 2017 -2018.
Mr.Sivasubramanian, AP/Mech. nominated
as Faculty Advisor and Mr.Thangaraj A,
AP/Mech. will act as Additional Faculty Advisor.

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UG Faculty Members of B.E - Mechanical Engineering

S. No Name of the Faculty Member Qualification  Designation
1Dr. Suyambazhahan SM.E., Ph.D.Professor & Principal
2Dr.Pradeep Kumar. A.RPh.D.Professor & Head
3Mr. Arularasu SM.E., (Ph.D.)Asso. Prof.
4Dr selvarajM.E., Ph.D.Asso. Prof.
5Mr. Hariharan VM.E.Asso. Prof.
6Dr. Ansari AKSM.E., Ph.D.Asso. Prof.
7Dr. Easwaran KKM.E.Asso. Prof.
8Mr. KannanM.E.Asso. Prof.
9Mr. Ramajayam JM.E.Assistant Professor
10Mr. Sendil Kumar RM.E.Assistant Professor
11Mr. Appuraja SM.E., (Ph.D.)Assistant Professor
12Mr. Elumalai P.VM.E., (Ph.D.)Assistant Professor
13Mr. Sivakumar PM.E.Assistant Professor
14Mr. Nambiraj MM.E.Assistant Professor
15Mr. Nandhakumar DM.E.Assistant Professor
16Mr. Sivasubramaninan RM.E.Assistant Professor
17Mr. Iyappan SM.E.Assistant Professor
18Mr. Elumalai RM.E.Assistant Professor
19Mr. Dinesh PM.E., (Ph.D.)Assistant Professor
20Mr. Sriram VM.E.Assistant Professor
21Mr. Ramkumar SM.E.Assistant Professor
22Mr Ashok VM.E.Assistant Professor

PG Faculty Members of M.E - CAD

S. No Name of the Faculty Member Qualification  Designation
1Dr. Karthick PM.E., Ph.D.Professor
2Mr Elavarasan RM.E.Asso.Prof
3Ms. Arulselvi. SM.TechAssistant Professor