Information Technology

To make the students attain a benchmark in technical education by moulding them into holistic individuals through quality education.

  • To educate and train the students to meet the challenges in the industry and organization in tune with rapidly advancing technology
  • To inculcate professional behavior, strong ethical values and leadership abilities in the young minds to commit towards the progress of the nation
Courses Offered:
  • B.E - Information Technology
Information Technology (IT) is an ocean of possibilities. The internet has shrunk geographical distances and brought the world closer. IT is a very exciting discipline in this day and age. Creating, managing and executing information using technology is really the need of the hour in this interconnected world of ours. IT offers a promising career to youngsters.

The IT department provides state-of-the-art technical education and does exceptional ground work in preparing the students for the challenges of the IT world. The department has excellent laboratories and efficient networking. Our motivated team of professors is constantly updated to keep up with the ever-changing IT scenario. This means, the students walk into the real world armed with the right set of skills.

Programme Educational Objectives
To provide students with a solid foundation in Mathematics, Science and fundamentals of engineering, enabling them to apply, to find solutions for engineering problems and use this knowledge to acquire higher education.

Core Competence:
To train the students in different domains of Information Technology so that they apply their knowledge and training to compare and analyze various problems to find solutions.

To provide relevant training and experience to bridge the gap between theory and practice which enables them to find solutions for the real time problems in industry and organization, and to design products.

To inculcate professional and effective communication skills, leadership qualities and team spirit among the students to make them multi-faceted personalities and develop their ability to relate engineering issues to broader social context.

Lifelong Learning / Ethics:
To demonstrate and practice ethical and professional responsibilities in the industry, organization and society in the large, through commitment and lifelong learning needed for successful professional career.

Program Outcomes
On completion of the B.Tech. (IT) degree, the graduates will be able
  • To apply knowledge of Mathematics, Science and engineering.
  • To design and conduct experiments, analyze and interpret the problems into an understandable data.
  • To identify, formulate and design software applications.
  • To satisfy the desired specifications and requirements expected from the industry.
  • To visualize and work on multidisciplinary tasks.
  • To function and coordinate effectively in multidisciplinary teams.
  • To communicate effectively with fellow engineers and society at large.
  • To understand the complex real word problems and give appropriate practical solutions.
  • To realize the professional and ethical responsibilities.
  • To exhibit confidence and develop the ability for lifelong learning combining skills of project management and finance.
  • To participate and succeed in competitive exams and other certification courses for expertise in emerging technologies.


  • Computer Programming Laboratory
  • Object Oriented Programming Laboratory
  • Visual Programming Laboratory
  • Graphics and Multimedia Laboratory
  • Networking Laboratory
  • Data Structure Laboratory
  • Software Engineering Laboratory
  • System Software Laboratory
  • Operating Systems Laboratory
  • Case Tools Laboratory
  • Software Components Laboratory